Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Due to popular demand, I have recorded Podcast #2, which you can download here. People asked me to talk about Marvel NOW so I have done so. Leave comments and requests for future discussion topics in the comments, as always.


Nate said...

Is there any way to download this to a computer so that I can listen to it on the go?

Timothy O'Neil said...

"Save link as" should do you fine.

evanmcb said...

I hope you set up a feed for these podcasts in the future. I want to subscribe through podkicker.

Timothy O'Neil said...

I don't even know what that is. Maybe I should look into it.

Zaki Hasan said...

Have you thought about setting something up through iTunes?

Dreaming Hill said...

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Vanja Miskovic said...

Regarding your asking about questions and suggestions, obviously you could spend some time analyzing DC's New 52 initiative. Yet, as you stressed out at the end of this episode, you might not be feeling like talking about superheroes again, the gradual dissolution of Vertigo, or the continual success of the Walking Dead much all be topics you feel like sharing your opinion upon.

I felt that this episode was much better structured and made for easier and more interesting listening. Hopefully, the next one will go live soon.

Paul G. said...

Your comments on the Midnight Sons: it's been years since I've read it, but I remember actually finding Darkhold to be a messy, but pulpy and fun, horror book. Chris Cooper tried his best to integrate Lovecraftian themes into the Marvel Universe. I can't say it was a success, but it was definitely an interesting attempt. It even had art by Richard Case in the beginning (but by the end, the art had deteriorated to the fill-in's fill-in artist).

But yes, Morbius and Nightstalkers are down there with Cage as some of the worst comics Marvel's ever done.

Timothy O'Neil said...

Darkhold was good for the first few issues until the book traded artists. I agree, it started with strong promise. I'm looking now and amazed that it lasted 16 issues - I remembered it being killed before that. But it went downhill pretty fast - it's obvious the people who launched the book thought they might be doing something a bit more Vertigo-ey than normal Marvel fare, and that probably lasted until issues 4 & 5 with the double shot of Sabretooth and Punisher guest appearances.

FrF said...

Thank you for these podcasts, Tim! I like your voice (in the sense of "style"). A lot of comics podcasts suffer from too much jaded jocularity, I think. Now *that* is criticism which possibly can't be levelled against "The Hurting" - and I have to say it's refreshening. Although my outlook on current superhero comics isn't necessarily as bleak and unforgiving as yours... For example, I find the recent "Batman And Robin" issues which were part of the "Death of the Family" crossover (about which you talked so eloquently pained in podcast #1) quite impressive.

Timothy O'Neil said...

I have to say, I think Patrick Gleason in B&R has probably done the best job with the Joker's current flayed face visual. Even Greg Capullo - who made the design, I believe - doesn't push it as far as Gleason does. If you insist on having the Joker walking around with his face falling off, you might as well go whole hog, and Gleason turns the gross factor up to the proverbial 11. Very creepy, very metal.

Kodaiji said...

Great podcast, Mr. O'Neil. I for one don't think you need a sparring partner on this. I like the talk radio feel of you extemporizing for an hour. (Perhaps I shouldn't use "extemporize" not knowing how much prep you put in for this podcast.) I like how you jumped from topic to topic and even broke off on tangents without giving short shrift to any of your thoughts or opinions on the topics and books. I'm not a regular poster on your site, but I am a regular reader. Here are a few topics I think would be interesting to hear you opine on.

1. The ups and downs of Image Comics and how it has impacted the industry.
2. Your favorite Jack Kirby works that aren't "The Fantastic Four."
3. What non-superhero genre comics have you enjoyed the most? For example, EC's crime books from the '50s, Vertigo's mystical books ("Sandman," "Fables," etc.), war comics, or humor books.

I can't wait to hear the next episode. I wish you all the best!