Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Cinematic Oeuvre of Dr. WIlliam Henry Cosby, PhD

Leonard Part 6 is one of the most underrated films of all time. Of course it's probably terrible for anyone who cares to quantify such things, but consider the fact that the movie features Bill Cosby riding an ostrich while fighting evil vegetarians. It was simply far ahead of its time.

There are many things to love about that video. The first notable fact is that it's not just a video clip from the film, but it's a video clip taken of the film playing on television, probably from someone's camera phone, and including the viewer's own commentary on the onscreen action - which is, basically, inaudible muttering to a friend who walks in front of the television screen. Still! The movie instills a fervent devotion in everyone who sees it.

Just look at that, won't you? You can't take your eyes off the meat.

As for Ghost Dad? Perhaps not as fantastic a film as Leonard, but notable nonetheless. What no one seems to remember is that for all it's supposed veneer of family-friendly entertainment, the first thing Bill Cosby does after dying and becoming an invisible revenant is to hang out in mens restrooms checking out other guys' junk. And just in case you think I'm joking:

Yes. Just, yes.

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