Monday, April 27, 2009

Doom Is Always Right

And sometimes even moreso than others:

Doom forwards his apologies to the good
folks at the the Comic Empire of Tulsa.

(Speaking of which, I just stumbled across this interview here. By far the best thing about my too-long self-imposed exile in Tulsa was the Comic Empire. I spent quite a bit of time there over the years. This interview was conducted a few years ago, but it was a few years after I left the area and it's weird to see he had changed some of the moth-eaten old retail posters on the walls - although I can't see if he had changed the early 90s Legionnaires poster that hung above the boxes of old Warren / Savage Sword of Conan / Mad magazines - my personal favorite store anachronism. If you pop in on the right day you might catch him listening to DJ Shadow, my particular contribution to the store's furniture, along with a strange doodle of Charlie Brown holding a gun next to the bathroom wall, which was probably taken down years ago.)

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