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Mike Sterling linked to this page. Which is awesome. But I clicked onto the main page and found this.

Now, it's long been something of a canard that for all the popularity Japanese pop culture and manga has in America, Japan is only selectively interested in our comic books. So seeing a page devoted to what is obviously a healthy love of not just Gundam and that type of stuff but also DC Direct action figures is slightly interesting. Is there a market for the merchandise over there, or is it just imports? I was under the impression Japan didn't care for American superheroes at all, but some of those figures - such as the Teen Titans figures - don't look like American versions. This is an interesting little corner of the international comics world, a bit like finding a French site devoted to Tintin dressed like Spider-Man.

Anyway, due to the wonders of the future, I was able to translate the page through the Google Translate function. Which doesn't really work that well with pictographic languages - but it's at least a start to try and understand this strangeness. (I am ASSUMING that at least the gist of the text is preserved, which gives it at least some value besides a "oh, look at the funny Engrish" amusement factor. But yeah, the translation programs have a lot of work to go before we're going to be able to have computer sex with Japanese people in The Future.)

Submitted for your approval:

Daemon. The notation of the name "ETORIGANOBUDEMON" Some "DEMONETORIGAN" DAっor confusing. NYUGOZZU, Sand Man, along with Jack Kirby DC characters are typically created.

The Fire Storm NYUKURIAMAN. Unite the two men (in the sense that there is no change) was born heroes and manipulate atoms. Jason Rush, who plays as a variant current Fire Storm (black) version.

AKUAMAN. This is because they buy so much custom work.

Well, all that promise.

I was掴MA again. This person, I found difficult to understand in a flash, the lower part of the thigh, and both left foot. China Factory Cut it out. And I was dead from crushing the ants do not do it in a blister of Fire Storm.

Batman. Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wein successor future of the world. ANIMEORIJINARUKYARA release (it was mentioned in the recent global launch parallel) I can.

It is cool the body of a shiny gloss. Grasshoppers run so lonely in the accessories, I do good with me on things like a little more like a big old Toys Series.

Since all the four series of five species, and was completed by DEZUPERO.

Lobo's also borrowed blaster. The old "TOTARUJASUTISU" He had a series DESUPERO Blaster had the silver. Were found in the room I looked sloppy and → I figure that fell to the edge of the store under a bed.

Do not you know now, and not just Mr. Lobo Blaster, the most common of the body. I mean, the nature of the event limited edition, like what items will be diverted for Mr. Lobo.

Azrael is not going to buy I thought.

(And I believe that was pretty much everyone's reaction to the latest DC solicitations.)

Captain Atom. Kingdom Come emergence of variants (later appeared in the main knitting) Alex Ross version of the design. Things like, I buy the same price and it was normal but a variant version. Or alterations in part because it is tragic that as a red line painted in the imagination.

Cyborg. No popular as expected. However, I'm in character with respect to the former SUPAPAWAZUKOREKUSHON this side you're pretty excited. Like many GORUDENFARAO into KABIIKYARA ... but we will not be forever.

Also, the Red Tornado, but also bought a series. 並BEYOU SUWANPI and also bought one in the Fire Storm (add Ney and will not be absolute, not a character that you want to ...)

(Is BEYOU SUWANPI the Japanese Swamp Thing? Sterling?)

I could do that all night. But before I go, check this out. Couldn't all of our cultural difference be solved and put aside if we could just agree to love GYARAKUTASU equally?

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