Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Across the finish line, limping

Some days you wake up and it's just not worth the effort to get out of bed . . . realizing that you somehow got onto the subject of the freakin' X-Men on your blog and have more to say before you totally exhaust the subject is one of those instances when life begins to look less rosy. Oh yeah, and the whole grinding poverty thing.

But anyway -

The first question we began with was - why are the Starjammers still such a prominent element of the X-mythos, given the fact that most people would probably not automatically make the connection between "mutant super-heroes fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them" and "space opera". These were devices created by Chris Claremont as springboards for future stories, with little or not thought given at the time to how these devices would play "down the line". Eventually, the one-time devices became recurring motifs, and eventually permanent fixtures of the series. Claremont's influence on the franchise was such that, after seventeen years, his distinctive style had cohered into the default style for X-Men projects.

So, if elements like the Shi'ar and the Starjammers were originally specks of sand in the context of the ongoing X-Men saga, time and tradition cohered around them in much the same way that sand becomes pearls in the mouth of a clam. Just as Frank Miller's Dare -

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Justice is served.

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