Monday, February 09, 2004

Music Releases for 02/10/04

As always, courtesy of our friends at Ice Magazine, here are the most interesting/noteworthy/cringeworthy releases for the given week.

BIG HEAD TODD AND THE MONSTERS Crimes of Passion (Big/Sanctuary)

Man, it’s been awhile. These guys still around? Total 90’s flashback, yo.

THE CORAL Magic and Medicine (Columbia)

Man, this is a dead week . . . you don’t have to see all the nothing releases I gotta sift through. Anyway, these guys are odd, sort of like one of those odd psychedelic folk bands that sprouted up in England in the late 60’s. If that’s your type of thing, have at it.

DAMAGE PLAN New Found Power (Elektra)

Damage Plan is actually one word: Damageplan. That’s about all I know about these fellows except that they’re loud.

DESCENDENTS ’Merican (EP) (Fat Wreck Chords)

And speaking of loud . . .


OK, this is album of the week right here. Got this a little bit ago and while its not as good as Silence Is Sexy, that’s really no insult because Silence Is Sexy was a brilliant album. As it is, this is hardly a let down. It’s got moments of pure brilliance.


You know, its kind of cool that she’s still on Island. Most artists of her generation/position have lit out for smaller labels like Koch or Sanctuary. If she’s still moving the units, good on her.

CESARIA EVORA Club Sodade (Bluebird)

If I could have two albums of the week, this would be the second. This is just fabulous, with remixes by Carl Craig, Francois Kervorkian, Kerri Chandler, Four Hero, Senor Coconut and more. If you’re a fan of the Latin flavored house, this is as close as you can get to a “must have” disc.

MAX GRAHAM Shine (w/tracks by Junkie XL, Sander Kleinenberg and Medway) (System)

Eh. Totally uninteresting. I imagine this will be more of the same from Mr. Graham – wallpaper progressive house. Blah.

DAVID GUETTA Just a Little More Love (Astralwerks)

Now this I want to hear. David Guetta has a very good remix of David Bowie’s “Heroes” out now – it’s an awesomely cool house redub of an already unbeatable track. He’s got good taste and I expect good things from this album

JESUS AND THE DEVIL Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light (Fudge Sickill)

Good to see they were able to settle their differences and come together in the universal language of music.

NORAH JONES Feels Like Home (Blue Note)

Reviews have been underwhelming. Didn’t really care for the first album. I’m just glad Blue Note is still making money.

JUNKIE XL Radio JXL - A Broadcast from the Computerhell Cabin (two CDs) (Koch)

You know this guy: he’s the guy who did that Elvis remix – the first one. He’s got a long history of making uninspired music, perhaps his brush with fame has injected him with urgency? Or maybe not. Don’t know. We are expecting this any day now and I am mildly interested.

KEB’ MO’ Keep It Simple (Epic)

Again? Didn’t we just see a Keb Mo disc a few weeks ago?

COURTNEY LOVE America’s Sweetheart (Virgin)

Wonder how much that album art by Olivia cost. I doubt this is going to be the blockbuster Ms. Love is expecting. Just a hunch.


Might be interesting, might not – its on Shakti so it probably leans toward the granola world music stuff more than I’d like.

KYLIE MINOGUE Body Language (Capitol)

This is just now being released here? This might be big, its got some catchy singles that might just be able to capitalize on the success of her last record. Or, she could fade back in the American Morass. You know, Robbie Williams says he’s given up on breaking America – says he enjoys the anonymity. Bet he’d be singing a different tune if Escapology had went platinum.

MOBB DEEP America’s Nightmare (Violator/Jive)

These guys still around? Man, I guess I’m out of the loop. Big Head Todd and now Gang Starr – its like mid-late 90’s old home week.

PAUL OAKENFOLD Greatest Remixes (Topaz)

This will be a short disc. HAHAHAHAHA

Oh, well, credit where it’s due, he may suck a great deal of the time but he’s produced a handful of pretty good remixes. He surprised us all with a boffo mix of Underworld’s “Born Slippy” just a few months ago. If there are more recent remixes than older mixes, it might just be pretty decent. Amazon tells me nothing so I couldn’t tell you. Topaz is traditionally not a big label, however, so chances are this will have been put together without his input.

PETEY PABLO Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry (Jive)

What an unoriginal album title. That’s just stupid.

PROBOT (Dave Grohl’s side project) Probot (Southern Lord)

Advance word on this is really good. Its sort of like an old-school butt-metal album, sorta like a parody of an old-school butt-metal album. Recommended for people who liked hearing Dave drums on the recent Queens of the Stone Age album but have wondered where his nuts went on the most recent Foo Fighters albums. Plus its got one of the greatest album covers in history:

Doesn't it just make you want to go get high behind the metal shop building?

VALLEY OF THE GIANTS (members of Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think and God Speed You! Black Emperor) Valley of the Giants (Arts & Crafts)

Post rock supergroup? Is such a thing even possible?

KANYE WEST College Dropout (Roc-A-Fella)

Supposed to be big. Haven’t heard anything so I don’t know. ‘m just full of information today, ain’t I?

OST Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - What’s That Sound? (w/Kylie Minogue, Elton John and Fischerspooner) (Capitol)

Cheesy as it may seem, there’s actually some good stuff on here, like the Chemical Brother’s mix of Kylie Minogue’s “Slow”. You have to wondered just how much they got paid to do this. I mean, they don’t really do many remixes, and certainly not for big-time pop stars. I figure Kylie just backed the money truck up the studio. In any event, I’m not going to complain – I’ve heard the mix and its pretty cool.

DVD HENRY ROLLINS Live at Luna Park (Image Entertainment)

Live band or spoken word?

DVD X-ECUTIONERS Built to Scratch (Loud)

Might be interesting, might not. The X-Ecutioners are hit or miss with me.

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